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From My Heart      Artisan Baked Dog Treats

Quantity Gluten Free

Quantity Gluten Free


"Veterinarians have long known the benefits of adding a little canned pumpkin to a pet's diet regularly," says Dr. Carol McConnell, chief veterinary medical officer for Veterinary Pet Insurance, a Nationwide company.

Ingredients:  100% Pure Pumpkin, gluten free flour, water and canola oil.  

                GLUTEN FREE   


       Pumpkin                                                      Peanut Butter

 Treats come in 5oz packages and are gluten free.  All ingredients      produced in the U. S. A.


Ingredients:  Made with all natural peanut butter (no sugar, and less than 1% salt), flour and water.  These treats are 45% Peanut Butter by weight which makes for an intensely flavored treat.  Pure peanut butter, gluten free flour, and water.

                                    GLUTEN FREE 

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From My Heart

 Artisan Baked Dog Treats